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Step-By-Step Guide – Basement Development Process

Our basement development process is divided into five phases. From start to finish, basement renovations take four to eight weeks.
Completing more complicated constructions may take longer. Here is our step-by-step guide on how to prepare and finish a basement project that can add value and maximize living space.
Phase One:
Framing, sanitation, hvac & electrical work

The following items are included in the framing stage:

  • The interior walls have been framed (exterior framed if required in outline)
  • Rough-in plumbing
  • Installation of HVAC and electrical wiring (If applicable)

The homeowner and Multi Build representative do an on-site walkthrough once the project is completed. Before moving on to Phase 2, city inspectors must sign off on the project (pre-board inspection).

Phase Two:
  • The drywall are installed.
  • Taped, mudded, and sanded walls and ceilings.
  • Completed ceiling finish (flat or texturing).
Phase Three:
Paint, Doors, Casings & Trim
  • Doors are mounted and cased.
  • The windows will be encased.
  • The baseboard and trim will now be in place.
  • The walls are primed and painted.
Phase Four:
Hardware, Lighting, Fixtures, & Flooring
  • The flooring are installed.
  • The lighting are installed.
  • Electrical switches such as plugs and vent covers.
  • The vanity and bathroom fittings will be in place.
  • Hardware are installed.
Phase Five:
Overview & Finalization
  • City inspections are completed and final touch-ups are made, including paint if required.
  • Walkthrough with the homeowner and the contractor.
  • Any flaws will be identified and highlighted, and any necessary work will be undertaken at this stage.
Payment Process

Payment is not expected until the framing stage is completed by Multi Build. To commence the remaining Phase 1 work, we will request a 40% materials payment at this time. An extra 40% is gathered when Phase 3 is completed. The remaining sum is required once Phase 5 is completed and the homeowner is satisfied (which will be 20 percent ). Please note that any add-ons will be invoiced at the discretion of Multi Build. This will be discussed before any changes to the initial scope of work are made; we will offer a clear breakdown of costs, which the homeowner will agree before any additions are made.

Take Into Consideration

A classic basement makeover is 700 square feet plus or minus.

The basic layout includes a living room, one bedroom, and one bathroom. This square footage is available for $30,000. If you don’t want a bathroom, the designs start at $29,000.

We will assess extra expenses if the square footage surpasses 700 sq. ft. Over 700 square feet, we charge $47 per square foot.

Inadequate insulation in older homes can lead to frost walls. If new insulation is necessary, the cost of new insulation will be negotiated with the homeowner.